Notes from the Cooler:

The latest news, reviews, and interviews from Kevin

Fellow Beer Geeks, you've come to the right place.  Here you will find fresh content to keep you up to date on the exciting world of beer.  We have New Arrivals which is a list of the newest products in our store.  We average 5-10 new beers a week so be sure to check back frequently.  Enjoy in-depth beer reviews and maybe a pairing or two in our Reviews section.  We also interview local brewers about new products, market trends and brewing techniques in our Interviews section.  Click on one of the three buttons below to view specific sections or just check out our most recent articles below.  Don't want to miss the next limited release beer?  No problem.  Not only do we keep a list of New Arrivals on this page, we also send out a weekly newsletter and post exciting new releases on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Have questions or comments?  Visit our Ask The Experts page and drop us a line, we love hearing from our customers.


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