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Mile High's Wine of the Week: September 6th
Villa Trasqua “Traluna” Toscana 2014
Regular Price: $15.99
Sale Price: $8.99
Sale End: 9/9/2018
Villa Trasqua “Traluna” Toscana 2014

The 14th annual Belmar Festival Italiano takes place this weekend and we couldn’t be happier! The weather is forecast to be fantastic. So we know that lots of folks will come out to enjoy all the great food, music, and culture. In support of the Festival, and because we freaking love quality Italian wine, we have a screaming deal for you on a delicious bottle of Super Tuscan Red from our of our favorite Chianti producers, Villa Trasqua. Close your eyes for a second and let the striking bouquet of fresh rose petals, cigar humidor, tar, and wild herbs transport you to an ancient stone-tiled courtyard in a beautiful Tuscan villa. Then, have a quick sip, and let lush flavors of crushed blackberries and cherry preserves bathe your palate in a warm, juicy glow. Finish your sip and take pleasure in the long, mineral laden finish as the wine gently caresses every nook and cranny leaving you feeling both satisfied and excited for your next taste. What a well built wine! Served from a decanter alongside a lovingly prepared meal, this bottle will impress every guest at the table with it’s style and structure. Yeah, it’s only nine bucks. But it’s worth more than that, a lot more. Cin cin!
Food Pairing:
Well built Sangiovese is among the world’s most versatile Red wine. This week’s special, the 2014 Villa Trasqua Traluna, is perfectly medium bodied and bursting with character. I think it would be right at home alongside a plate of cured meats, cheeses, olives, and crusty bread if you’re in the mood for something casual and informal. That said, it is more than enough wine to pair up well with a more complete entree course like chicken saltimbocca, veal Milanese, or even eggplant parmesan.
You MUST mention this special or print it out to receive the price on the above wine.
This price expires 9/9/2018 at 6pm and is limited to in-store quantities.
No rain checks given. Call (303) 936-0272 to reserve bottles with a credit card.

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