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Coedo/Denver Beer Co. Mile High Kampai! Saison 21oz
Regular Price: $11.99
Sale Price: $5.99 or $2.99/btl on 6 or more bottles
ABV: 7.5%
Coedo/Denver Beer Co. Mile High Kampai! Saison 21oz

Denver Beer Co. was born in their garages with a few batches of home brew and a love for the craft of brewing. Serving only premium artisan ales and lagers, They utilize fresh ingredients and embrace both innovative and old world styles of beer. Similar to a farmer’s table, their beer selections change with the seasons. By brewing in small batches, they can ensure that a few old favorites are always on tap, but new goodies greet visitors each month.

COEDO was founded by a family which started organic farming with the concept of “peace, safe, and delicious” early in 1970s in the city of Kawagoe where agriculture is one of the core industries for some hundreds years. There is a historical approach to keep the soil healthy by growing barley as a green manure in the area of Kawagoe, Saitama. The present organic farmers haven’t harvest the barley but just mix them into the soil for keeping their soils in good condition. “Are these barley able to be utilized to produce beers? “, this was the initial motive for letting us start a brewery.
On to the Tasting Notes:
Brewed in Japan as a collaboration between these two breweries, this Saison feature yuzu, rice, & Sake yeast from Japan along with a mix of American and Japanese hops. The yuzu, a Japanese citrus, lends a sweet orange and grapefruit flavor to this beer, complimented by the fruity notes of the Sake and Saison yeasts. This beer is balanced, citrus forward and endlessly refreshing. Meet us on the mountain top, a mile-high, for a Kampai!



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