Mile High Wine and Spirits provide wine, beers and liquors to your parties or events.

Need someone to handle your event planning needs?

Mile High Wine and Spirits supplies wine, liquor, and beer for all your event needs.  Whether it is a small event at your house, a large corporate event, or your daughter's wedding we can handle your event planning needs.  
Need help selecting wines to complement the meal that you or your caterer is serving? Mile High Wine and Spirits will help you ensure that your food and wine pairings hit the mark.  Just let us know what your menu includes and we will pair for success within your budget.
Mile High Wine and Spirits offers the following services for your event and catered needs:
  • Free wine and food pairing consultation/assistance - we love to do it!!
  • Free delivery on orders of $500 or more in the Denver metro area
  • Free restocking and credit for unused product (cannot be damaged or water saturated)
Mile High Wine and Spirits will make certain that your event needs are planned effectively and in a timely matter.  Don't worry about running out of wine at that special moment.  Let us do what we specialize in so you can enjoy yourself during your special event.

Featured Catering Partners

Mile High Wine and Spirits partners with local catering and facility providers to ensure that your special events are a total success.  Looking for a recommendation of a good catering company?  Look no further as these are some of the best.

Mile High Wine and Spirits provides Wines beers and liquors to your events or parties     


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